Saturday, September 27, 2008

Paul Newman Passes Away at 83

Cleveland, Ohio native Paul Newman passed away today at the age of 83 after a prolonged bout with cancer.

Paul Newman was well known as an actor, a race car driver, and a philanthropist to boot. I think few people make their mark on the world the was Mr. Newman did. He always seemed so together, confident, and gracious. he believed in sharing the blessings in his life with others. His Newman's Own line of salad dressings and other food products has donated a great deal of money to charity over the years. I have always thought that it was awesome the way he ran that company and gave the profits away. Generosity like that usually comes back to you in some way.

In any interview I have seen or read about him, he always seemed happy with his family and his life. I am sure he will be greatly missed by his family and the world as a whole. Newman is survived by his wife, five children, two grandsons and his older brother Arthur.

We could all so a lot worse than to live a life like Paul Newman did, and leave such a legacy!

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Jen said...

Very sad to hear this news. He was a very good looking man in his younger days. I also that that he gave so much to charity.

Karen said...

Man I hate that he died. I loved his movies. He was the best.

Mommy Mia said...

Very sad news!! He was a wonderful person!
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