Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Which Way to Weight Loss?

I have had 3 babies in the last 4 1/2 years, and they were all by C-section. I was not in great shape before I started having kids, but now I am even more over weight and my muscles are all messed up. I know if I work at it that I could make a change to my body, but I keep putting it off.

I have of thought about getting bariatric surgery someday to help, but I don't know. Now days there are quite a few options when it comes to weightloss surgery. The one I was looking into is called lap band surgery. I wanted to learn more about this type of surgery and I found this site that sounds really interesting. You can go to this site to find a lap-band surgeon. They even have a body mass calculator at Journeylite.com if you were wondering where you are on the body mass index.


Pamela said...

Sometimes we need help and if that help is surgery then go for it!

Christine said...

I actually just wanted to let you know how much I like your blog look. It is fabulous!

Drizzly said...

That is true Pamela, thank you for stopping by!

Christine, thank you for the compliment :o)