Saturday, October 18, 2008

I Got Out to Dinner

By miracle of miracles we managed to get our family out of the house for dinner last night. The task included getting a 9 month old baby, and two little girls ready to go. My one little girl does not want to wear socks or shoes right now, so this was a bit of an ordeal, but we got through it.

We went to a Hibachi style Japanese restaurant that is about a 30 - 45 minute drive from our house. My husband, our oldest daughter and I had been there before , but our other two kids and my parents had never been before. My husband and I had been wanting to go back for 2 years or so now. We got a new Entertainment book that other day and it had a deal in there for this restaurant so you could save up to 14.99 on your meal depending on what you ordered.

Well with a coupon and all you kind of have to go don't you? LOL! It was really funny because as soon as we talked about maybe going to dinner that night our 4 1/2 year old that had been there with us before said " why don't we go to that place where they make the volcano at our table?!" That is exactly where we were thinking of do kids know these things?

We had a fabulous dinner, and the kids were all very well behaved considering the excitement and all. The baby fell asleep on the way to the restaurant and woke up mid way through the chef cooking our dinner at our table. ( Why I left the house without my camera, I do not know) But I looked down and the baby is awake and just taking it all in. His eyes were like saucers. I got him up in to my lap just in time to get the full view of the onion ring volcano that spouted fire.

All the kids,,,and adults,..loved the show and the meal immensely. Even the baby got to have some rice and sauteed zucchini, but just a few bites. The one time I went to put the fork in MY mouth he squawked at me like HEY! WHERE'S MINE! lol.

It was a great night!