Saturday, October 11, 2008

LL COOL J Hot Clothes

I just got done watching Conan O'Brien on late night TV. One of his guests was Rapper - Actor LL Cool J.

LL was talking about how he created a new clothing line that will sell exclusively at Sears Department stores. Part of his motivation is to help create jobs for the unemployed, and by selling his line at Sear stores, he keeps the line affordable and accessible to more people than some celebrity clothing lines.

LL has always seemed like a really nice person, this just helps confirm my suspicions that he is the real deal. I know that he will benefit from this venture, but he could just as easily made a deal with a higher end retailer for more money. Thanks for being one of the good guys LL!


Christine said...

Quick reminder that you still have an award to pick up from my blog, and congratulations again!

Jen said...

Not to mention he's HOT!!! LOL!!!

Lori P. said...

That's great that he's going to sell his line in the "common folks'" store. We have way too many greedy celebrities who just want more money with whatever new venture they launch into.

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