Saturday, October 18, 2008

Starting my Christmas Shopping

To some people it is a little late in already,but I am trying to start my Christmas shopping. I always say I am going to buy a little at a time through out the year, but it never seems to happen.

I found this site called that helps me search many stores at once. Isn't the internet wonderful? Even if I feel like braving the crowds once in awhile, I like doing my research online first if possible. By using a site like this you can see what stores carry what you are looking for, or what a good price is to pay etc.

Who should I look for first? My hubby? Maybe video games for him. If I get "him" a Wii, then I could always get the iFit for me..ahahaha. Oh, look at those costumes, they have a whole section with costumes and even if you have yours for this Halloween, you can get some for dress up play. My kids love to do that. It even gives tips on the page on putting together a dress up cool.

I will definitely be back to shop on this site again!