Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Woman With Half a Body

I just saw part of a show on TLC called "The Woman With Half a Body". The lady's name is Rose and she was born with a rare disease called Sacral Agenesis. This disease left made her legs have no feeling and they were severely deformed. I guess her parents decided to have her legs amputated at an early age. So now Rose is physically half a woman.

She is married, and has children, two I think. I am watching another part of the segment right now that I missed earlier about her pregnancy. The doctors had advised her to abort because no one with this disease had ever been pregnant before and they were afraid of the risks for both her and the baby. I find this type of medical show fascinating. It is amazing to see people that get passed issues like this when I often get depressed about regular life issues. It really puts things into perspective.

I applaud their courage as a couple. It is hard enough making a marriage work under normal circumstances, let alone something this unusual. I mean her husband pulls her around on a skate board. I so not know if I could deal with something like that. People are going to stare of course, I mean it would be impossible for something like that to not catch your eye.

Aww,, she said the first thing she did when she got to see the baby after delivery is to count his little toes. She said when she counted all ten, she was at ease and knew things would be alright. Man I hardly feel like I can keep up with my three kids, let alone if I had no legs. She also has to take care of her father who has Alzheimer's and her brother who has mental problems. Wow,, quite a woman!

I Would Love a Panama City Beach Vacation

I read an article on Panama City Beach Vacations the other day. It would be so nice to go somewhere just for a vacation. Don't get me wrong I love visiting family, but it seems the only trips we get to take are visiting trips. When it has been a year or more since you have seen anyone, and they have not seen your kids, it is kind of hard to not want to pack the whole family and hit the road. The only problem with a "family" vacation is that they are even more tiring than a regular vacation.

I want to rent one of those places that are right on or very near the beach. I like hotels and maid service and all that, but I would like to try a rental cottage. Just the word cottage sounds relaxing doesn't it? I want to be able to hear the waves the last thing at night and the first thing in the morning. I doubt I will be able to talk myself into going without the kids for a long time though. I would feel guilty being on the beach without my little ones when I know they love it so much. That would be another good advantage to a rental, you would not have to worry about your kids being to loud for the people in the room next door LOL. Either way Panama City seems like a nice place to vacation.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Puzzling Commercial

I have got to say something about these commercials you see on TV about these class action lawsuits that have to do with a product or a piece of equipment or the like and at the end of this legal announcement they say, if you feel you have a claim against this product by having a heart attack, lung damage, loss of some body sense, etc, or if you died from this, please call...blah, blah, blah...
How do you call if you are DEAD ?
Someone want to tell them this is not likely to happen ?
It just sounds so stupid...if you died from this...get real !

Oklahoma Ranch or Farm

We are considering buying oklahoma real estate for the purpose of farming or even a ranch.

We have been toying with this idea for some time and have decided to check with some of the Realtors in the Duncan or Lawton area of Oklahoma.

Don't ask me why because there is no real reason other than the fact that my hubby wants to do this venture.

We heard the country out there was beautiful and land was available right now and it would be a financially good move for us. There are right times and wrong times to make investments like this, so it's now or maybe never.

We are both out doors people and it will be wonderful to raise our children in this type of atmosphere. They can learn about farming or ranching, respect the land they live on and give back to mother earth. We are a "Green" family. We believe in recycling and all that ecology stuff.

So this one real estate agent we got a hold of sent us some pics of properties he thought we might be interested in and within our projected budget. He sure has the right idea of what we are looking for. The real estate pics were great and it was a property that was up for auction, so we may get a better deal than we first anticipated.

We might be moving sooner than we expected. we come !

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The 44th President

Today our 44th of The United States has been inaugurated. Barack Obama is the first African-American to become president and it is indeed historic. I hope after today, once this fact is celebrated with this costly party, that we will move on to more pressing matters.

I do not want his whole term in office to be all about where his father came from. He is a representative of the melding of American cultures since he himself is of mixed race, but that is not more important than the job he has to do. Barack Obama had to lead us all and protect this country, no matter the color of his skin, or the color of any of us.

In my opinion the best thing he could do is not to harp on the racial issues. Lead by example to us all. Do a good job and be as fair as you can to all of us, black, white, red, etc. By being a good leader maybe we can once and for all not think about race as a first thought.

His term in office may have started with praise for the fact that he is the first African-American president, but hopefully his term will end with simply that he was a good president...period.

God Bless Us All!

Monday, January 19, 2009

I live In An Igloo

I think I live in an igloo.
A few days ago we had quite a bit of snowfall.
The more we shoveled the more it snowed. So we decided to just shovel a path til the snow subsided.
Long story short...the snowfall ended up being about 2 feet so when we walk out the back door down the path, the snow is stacked up on both sides of us except for that thin little path.
So it makes me think of an igloo because there is so much snow all around.
And it does not look like it is going to melt anytime soon.

Party Super Bowl Style

My hubby Always has the guys in for the "GUYS" Super Bowl Party.
They have a great time yelling and screaming and all that male bonding thing.
Us wives fix them their eats like chili, cheese sticks, chips, dip, pretzels and of course their Keg-O-Beer and pizza.
The go in the den and flip on the TV and try to make their moves to get the best seat to see the game.
They have their half time chug a beer thing they do and of course the football pool and yell and scream some more.
While us "Girls" in nowhere land that know nothing of these barbarian games...they think...have already prepared days in advance for the super bowl parties both the guys and ours.
So us ladies will quietly retire to my so called craft room, where the tables have already been cleared off and decorated like 3 days ago, and we bought the the snack s5 days ago and cooked and prepared our food this morning while the men were out getting the keg.
I had gone online a couple of years ago and got some great ideas for our party and they had recipes for foods and beverages and half time entertainment..oh my ! Girls just gotta have fun !
The tea we make we got the recipe online and have it as our ritual drink instead of the old keg thing.
And we have a designated driver cause this is not a tea totters tea for sure !
At half time we have a drawing for gift certificates for dinner for two, spa of the day and a box or two of chocolates.
Our food this year will have a football shaped meatloaf, red potatoes with parsley, cheese sticks, buffalo wings, pizza, chips and dip, pretzels, garlic bread, lasagna and toss salad.
Oh yes, when I retract my map on the wall...I have a wide screen TV that we can all see the game , no one has to vie for a seat.
And the guys thought football was for

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

No More Vicks ?

My mom just told me there is a new report out that Vicks Vapor Rub should not be used on small children anymore.
It seems to increase the mucous manufacturing of the body and now they say can do more harm than good.
I really need to and am going to check further into this latest medical finding.
I, like my Mom before me and her Mom before her have always relied on Vicks for colds and now after all these years they say do not use ?!
If anyone knows anything about this, please let me know.

Water Water EVERYWHERE !

Water Water EVERYWHERE !
Again we have a mess in our basement from flooding waters around us from the snow thaw and raining.
Water Damage is bad enough, but the neighbors have a septic system and their leach bed id right beside the property line, so when it floods, ALL THAT CRAP is floated into my basement.
There is the worry of structure damage, mold, mildew, viruses, bacteria, fecal matter, parasites and whatever bio hazards some idiot might have poured in the grounds or in the sewer that will be shot into my basement.
It is a night mare to say the least.
This flooding can cause fires and explosions given the wrong circumstances...what a mess that can be.
The only thing that saves my sanity is there is a company that has a 24/7 365, thirty minute response team they can send out to start cleaning up the mess.
They come in suck the water out with pumps, dehumidify and dry the air using HEPA Filtering system and then they scrub, mop disinfect everything they can.
There is some stuff you just can't save because it is contaminated and no cleaning could save it.
This company tells you all that info, some before hand and some as you are cleaning up the mess.
They do a great job identifying potential and probable health hazards.
They also do fire and smoke restoration process and most of the time it is covered by insurance.
12 years of experience you know they know their business !

Friday, January 9, 2009

A New Breed of Vampires

I just found out about a new breed of vampires ! YIKES ! And they are evil...they suck the energy out of everything.

Flat screen TVs is one for sure as California is trying to ban the kind that pull so much energy to run. Some DVDs, microwaves,VCRs, portable phones, all those types of small electronics that appear to be so innocent, yet they to suck out excess electricity and energy, even when they are "off" My brother did a small experiment a while ago. He put his entertainment center electronics on a flip strip and at night they flipped the off switch on that, unplugged the micro and coffee maker and the extra phone bases and save $20+ on his electric bill each month. Unreal isn't it.

See what you can do without each night for a month and see how much you can save. Those little vampires suck out energy and your wallet. I wish someone would ban those standby lights. That has got to be the biggest scam ever. If it is on I will see it is on,, if it is off,,,guess what I don't need a light to tell me something is OFF.

Be Green and Save Some Green

I do not know anyone that does not like to save money. Many people also like to do things that are good for the environment these days too. Now when you get the chance to combine money savings and eco-friendly it does not get much better. I was talking to a friend of the family about recycling the other day and we got one the topic of Solvent Recovery. Being a regular household we usually store our left overs paints, solvents, or other toxic compounds and take them to a neighborhood turn in day. I never thought about what the collection centers do with all these items.

The friend I mentioned has a body shop. He was looking into the costs of a Solvent Recovery System. From what he has read so far he says that having your own Waste Recovery System can save a business like his because you can reuse certain solvents which saves you money and saves the environment at the same time. He is looking into what size of business is best suited to these types of machines.

The site he went to also says that doing this type of recycling lessens a business's paperwork burden with the EPA. If I bought one of those, I think I would offer the service to other businesses in the area. I wonder if he would get extra credit so to speak with the EPA if he did that?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Big Bang Theory

Do you watch the Big Bang Theory? Hubby and I are catching up on some recorded shows. Some episodes I can not get into, but others about make me die laughing. My hubby started watching it first, then got me interested in it. We thought it was ironic that he later found out that his dad likes the show too. We just think it is neat when you find some connection like that even though it might seem small. Those "little" things mean a lot.

I thought it was cool that my mom likes watching Family Jewels and I did too. I never would have guessed that she would like that show ( it is a good show by the way). Did it end? I have not seen it on in awhile.

We are behind in our TV watching since we have been away for the holidays. We hardly ever get to actually watch the TV, only listen to it while life goes on around it. Sometimes it is nice to look at the screen and lose yourself in the made up lives of others. Why is that relaxing? I don't know but it is.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Shopwiki is Awesome

I am once again at Shopwiki. They have this cool buying guide section that is broken down by occasion or recipient. I went there to look for a present for our friends that are getting married soon, but I found some other really useful buying guides while I was there. Like housewarming gifts and host gifts. Wow there is even a guide for gifts for second marriages, I don't think I would have thought of that category.

I think I will look around the gifts for young couples section first, LOL. I love how you can shop by price range or even color on shopwiki. Ooh maybe some yummy soft sheets. What could be better for newly weds? 100 percent silk sheets, that sounds perfect!

I might as well as check out the housewarming present guide while I am here. Our friends are looking for a house too. I wonder if the wedding will come before the house warming at this rate. Their plans change hourly now it seems. They seem really happy and a good match though. I love shopping for new couples, it makes you remember what you felt like when you first started your own relationship. Ahh the memories!