Friday, June 5, 2009

An Orchestra At Your Fingertips

Are you into composing or producing your own music? Perhaps you make demos, or put together music for commercials, etc. If you ever wanted to use a full blown orchestra in the background of your piece, but could not afford it there is an alternative.

You can go to and get a real orchestral performance to use with your piece. The people at Ravel Virtual Studios will work with you to give you what you need at a much lower price than hiring a traditional orchestra. They can even produce the finished product in whatever format you need like MP3, wav, AIFF and put it right on CD ready to go!

This sound like a unique, innovative service. I can only imagine how much this would save someone, especially if you are a small studio or one person operation just trying to get off the ground. So check them out if you are looking for orchestral accompaniment for your project. Why pay for a whole orchestra, and a hall rental and all that when you can have the same quality at a fraction of the price. You know me, any time I can save money I am a happy woman!

Blogging and Pics

Does this ever happen to you... you like to blog right, so you take pics whenever you see something cute, or jot down little notes here and there so that you remember post ideas. Well I am forever taking photos to use in posts, but then invariably I sit down to whichever computer I DID NOT put the pics on.

If I put it on my laptop, then I am using my mom's laptop when I want that pics and visa versa, do you ever do that? This happens when I want to blog, or make a craiglist ad or whatever. It might just be me because I am famous for having wierd gremlins that no one else has.

I need to just take my flash drive, put all my blog pictures on there and them keep the drive around my neck. Maybe I will swap my flash drive for my hubby's since his already has a lanyard on it.,,hmmmm think he would notice? :o)