Saturday, December 4, 2010

Santa in Scrubs?

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day about our Christmas to do list. She said that she had most of her shopping done, but that she still needed to find out where to buy scrubs online. I automatically assumed that she wanted to buy some nursing uniforms since she works at a hospital.

It turns out that she is trying to find somewhere that she can special order a set of scrubs that is big enough for one of her co-workers to wear over a Santa suit. She might even see if they have ones that look like a Santa suit already, you know red with white trim or something.

I told her that she could always get some olive green scrubs for her Santa to wear. What is more Christmasy than red and green together right? I imagine that they would have to have scrubs for the holiday season that would at least have a festive print to them, like candy canes or presents or something.

I told her about a site I have been to before called I am not sure if she checked it out yet, but I think I am going to go and see what they have because now I am curious. They should make scrubs that look like a Santa outfit if they do not already. I am sure that would make sick kids and adults smile a little bit. And if I was a doctor or a nurse that had to work over the holidays I think it would be rather cheery for them as well.

Home Alone Again

Tonight's holiday movie is Home Alone. This too is probably not what some people would consider a traditional holiday movie, but a good one none the less.

This classic comedy is very light-hearted and hilarious, but if you really watch the whole thing you will see that it is truly a story about the meaning of family. I know there have been moments in my day that I wish I was all by myself for a few minutes, but I don't think that any of us would really wish that our family member would disappear.

Our oldest daughter has watched this movie twice in the past week. I can only imagine what is going through her head when she sees scenes like the one where McCauley Culkin goes down the stairwell and out the front door on a sled. Tonight she says "Can we get a sled like that?!" I immediately say "No way!" lol, and we both laugh. There is no way I am helping her rocket down the stairs!

Friday, December 3, 2010

WATCH Your Gift List

Does anyone on your gift list want a new watch this year? My dear husband who is on the top of my gift giving list is usually one of the last people I buy something for because I have such a hard time deciding what to get him.

I think it is almost harder when you know someone so well, because you know just about everything that they want. Narrowing down his list can be a tough task. I know that one of the things he would like to have is a titanium watch. When he replaced his wedding ring (which he lost, but that is another story) a few years ago he got a titanium band because titanium is so strong and sturdy.

Knowing how active my husband is, that he works with his hands a lot and that our littlest child often thinks that daddy's watch is a play toy, I know it makes sense to go with something that can take the abuse. I saw a Seiko Two Tone Titanium Chronograph on that is really nice looking. Ironically the watch has a blue dial as well, it must be fate!

This will probably be his "big" gift from me and then I will let the kids pick out something else for him just from them. Hmmm I might have to go and see if there is a matching ladies watch to go with this lovely timepiece.

Holiday Movie Count Down

Ooh I am so happy that this is holiday movie season. I know I mention this every year, but I love, love, love holiday movies. Right now my little ones are watching The Polar Express on ABC Family channel. You can check out the ABC Family movies schedule or the Hallmark Channel's schedule by clicking on their names. You can even download a copy of the ABC Family 25 days of Christmas Schedule.

ABC and the Hallmark channel can always be counted on to have a great selection of holiday movies to get you through the highs and lows of the season. You have to be careful to gauge your mood. If you want to laugh or you want to cry, make sure you read the movie description before you watch lol. Everyone loves a good cry now and then, but holiday movies really tend to pull at your heart strings. I just like to know before I tune in so that I can have my box of tissues ready to go! lol

What is your favorite family movie? Does your family have a movie or movies that you have to watch each season? Our family's list is an ever evolving one. Some of the top contenders are Love Actually, Last Holiday, and Planes, Trains and Automobiles. We sometimes watch some more traditional holiday films too, but these three will never be removed from the list I don't think.

Oddly enough I have never seen more than a few minutes of It's a Wonderful Life, I guess I am supposed to see it at some point. I have seen Holiday Inn, the old black and white classic. There really is something pretty about black and white film when you are in the right mood. For that movie, it definitely works.

Happy Movie season!

Festive Flowers

It is only December 3rd and I think I am already tired of Christmas shopping. I do not want to be tired of shopping, I LOVE shopping. There must be something else going on, maybe it is just all the other frazzled people that I had to wade through to get my shopping done.

So I sat down, laptop and a hot mug of tea at the ready. I decided I would find a florist first. Not only does a florist give me a nice shopping fix, but the flowers and other gift baskets are so beautiful that it is a natural stress buster for me. Who could really look at such pretty things and still feel like a humbug when they are done, not I!

I like using online florists when I do not have time to get out and shop before an occasion, or for out of town loved ones. It makes long distance gift giving so much easier. I do not have to find a box, make sure I wrap it well, and then hope it gets there in time. All I have to do is decided which gorgeous arrangement to send.

I wanted to send flowers to a friend of mine whose birthday is right before Christmas. I always feel bad for folks that have birthdays around the holidays because they get short changed on presents lol. Since this is the holiday season there are some awesome bouquets in reds, greens, white, gold etc. on the site. I was really tempted to get her this Christmasy bouquet...

But I resisted since I want to give her a present that specifically says HAPPY BIRTHDAY, not Happy Holidays. So I kept looking and I think I found the perfect arrangement for her. This lovely yellow bouquet will look great in her kitchen or dining room since her kitchen and dishes are yellows and white.

It is called a Sunny Day Pitcher of Cheer, how nice is that?!

What do you think? Do you have a birthday around the holidays, do you feel left out of the birthday present loop sometimes because of it? Which flowers would you prefer? Just curious.

Exercise clothes?

OK, now I am not going to say that I have not bought my fair share of exercise videos that I hoped would help me get into shape via osmosis. I have also bought more than one piece of home exercise equipment that slowly morphed into a clothes rack or other catch-all.

Recently I have considered buying a pair of shape up shoes, or whatever they are called. You know the new sneakers that are suppose to give you more of a workout than regular walking. I am not saying I do not believe it is possible that the shoes work, but there are conflicting reports out there. What I am having a hard time believing, is that they now how toning clothes that have resistance bands built into the clothes to give you a work out by wearing them. I am sure if I had the money right now I would try them out, but seriously?

There are supposedly truth in advertising laws right? What I want is for anyone in a fitness ad to have gotten those tiny toned body parts by using whatever product they are selling. If there was a before pic of one of the skinny women showing that they use to weigh 2 - 300 pounds those shoes and clothes would FLY off of the shelves!

I want workout leaders that use to be fat too. I know many thin people work out hard to stay that way, but I think it is harder to be fat, get thin, and keep it off than it is to be born with good genes and stay fit.

Of course these could just be the cranky ramblings of an out of shape wife and mother lol!