Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fresh Snow

I guess there are many more people that are sick of snow this year. The country has gotten snw in places that I did not even know could get that cold. I always have to chuckle when a state like Tennessee or Florida gets a dusting of snow and the whole state closes down.

I do not really like to drive in the snow, but at least I can manage to get from point a to point b if I need to. That is just one of the things that you take for granted when you live and learn to drive in a snowy state. I think I could make a mint if I flew down to a state like that and drove people around in the half inch of snow.

I have always thought that any teenager that lives in a state with snowy winters should have to wait to get there official licenses until after they have driven in the snow. Now I am starting to wonder if they should not make sunny state people do the same. They could either go to a snowy state, or maybe the can make a simulator of some sort....I don't know. I definitely know that being prepared in any driving situation can be very important.

Of course I imagine there are things that you automatically learn by living in the sunny states that I do not know. Purhaps how to deal with a hurricane or an earthquake? Maybe we should just have to take a disaster preparedness course of some sort. I would take it!

There was a post that I just read about packing an emergency car kit for winter, I will have to find it and post it.