Thursday, May 12, 2011

Did Spring Already Sprung?

Ok now... I know I have been a little out of the loop and a little behind on everything ( like my blogging lol), but did I miss spring? I know that here on the East coast we only had about a week of nice Autumn temperates and then it was full on Winter. It seems that Spring has consisted of a few weeks of rain and now BAM, summer temperatures.

I am not saying that I want it to snow again or anything, but Fall and Spring are my two favorite seasons and they were preempted somehow this year. I would much rather have a cool crisp 50 degree day, or anything in the 60's, this instant 80's thing is nuts!

What is your favorite season? I like some of the things that summer has to offer, like the kids being out of school, flowers, gardening, swimming, etc but I really could live without anything over 75 degrees. If there are a handful of hot days to go swimming or play in the water, that is plenty in my book.

A couple of my good friends think I am nuts, they are sun goddesses from the word go. They are more tan in the middle of winter than I am by the end of summer. I guess I am happy for them that the hot is here. At least I will get to see my kids more in a few weeks and we will get to garden and play.

OK, I feel better about summer when I think of that part :o)