Monday, November 7, 2011

Remind yourself of your rewards

I am still on my latest obsession,,, couponing! I was so excited because a friend of mine brought me a couple of extra coupon inserts this week. Is it crazy that coupons can be the highlight of my week? lol Well, I did do some other fun stuff this week, but some weeks let me tell ya,,, scoring a good deal CAN be the highlight.

I wanted to post a tip to my fellow couponers out there. If you shop at any of the store that give you receipts with "money" on them to use at a later date, such as Register Rewards, Extra care bucks sure to set yourself a reminder as to when they expire. I forgot to put a reminder in my cell phone for this last batch of Register Rewards I had, so I accidentally let 35 dollars worth of rewards expire. I was so ticked off at myself.

I thought about just writing it off as a learning experience, but since money is tight right now, I called the store and they said I could take any unopened items back to the store. I did keep a couple of the items that I really liked or could use. Many of the items I took back were items that I had never tried before, but I thought I would give them a shot because they were a good deal or FREE after rewards. Well, when you forget to use the rewards on time, free turns into full price.

Live and Learn I guess.