Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Science, Technology and SAVINGS!

Hey when you are a busy person, you have to multitask.  I love it when I can combine things that I love at one time.  I found this cool site called, and they have some totally cool stuff on this site.

They have science technology news, and great useful bits of information even if I only have a few minutes to explore.  They also provide coupons and deal alerts to other great sites, such as this Vistaprint coupon code.  So if you are like me and like to sve money, this is an awesome site to check out.

There are so many days when I do not get to see or hear any news or "adult" television, only cartoons and kid shows.  It is really refreshing to get exciting information in my brain once in awhile, so that I remember how to think lol!

I also found a link on to a place called  This site has gadgets and gizmos and other cool stuff.  It is like a toy store for adults, I could go nuts shopping there.  I saw some hilarious stuff there, like werewolf sandals, come on, you know that is fun!

So if you want to visit a mental playground that will keep your brain from turning to mush, check out  Come back and let me know what your favorite tid-bit or item was.  There is so much cool stuff that you may get lost....enjoy!